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Christian Books For Children

Attention Home School co-ops -  First books... of prayers for children, prayers and graces, Bible stories, The Lords Prayer, and tales from the Bible. Also, special learn-to-read Bible storybooks. For ages 0-5, 3+, and 4+, perfect for sharing. And, a classically illustrated children's Bible that will become a treasured and inspirational companion to any young person as they grow in their faith - 'The Bible for Children', age 7+. These are all quality Christian children's books..

Christian Children's Books for Pre-School and Younger Elementary

  • The Bible For Children... is one of the best when it comes to Christian toddlers and pre-school books. They are filled with illustrations that draw your kid's attention and are perfect for those aged between seven and twelve. This book also includes important maps of the places mentioned in the Bible along with images of some of the most famous characters mentioned in the Holy Text. 

  • Favourite Bible Stories... is specifically designed for those five to ten and gives a detailed description of the life of Jesus from the New Testament. The facts are accurate and the illustrations will leave their mark on your child’s memory. 

  • Best-Loved Bible Stories... favorites From The Old Testament includes all the interesting and intriguing stories of the Old Testament, presented in such a way that any kid would jump at the prospect of reading it. One of the best children’s gift books, this text helps a long way in establishing the Christian identity of your kids.

  • The First Book Of Bible Stories... If you want your kids to develop the habit of reading books without being asked and completely due to their interests, this book can be a great starter. The pages are made out of cardboard, rendering a 3-D vibe that allows your kids to ‘feel’ the stories, quite literally. So if you are wondering about the perfect gift item, this book is an easy winner!

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