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Stickers, for learning... the best early-learning sticker books

Play and Learn Activity Books... 

Each title features over 80 stickers, dot-to-dot puzzles, odd-ones-out, mazes, matching, counting, and lots more fun activities.  Age 3+     PB, 12pp+4pp stickers, 8.5x11

Fold-Out Poster Sticker Books... 

Provide lots of fun as children create a wall chart of their top 50 vehicles or animals.

Includes stickers, a giant double-sided poster/wall chart and seven mini posters. Age 6+     PB, 8pp+8pp stickers+poster, 8.5x11   


My Favourite Sticker Books... 

With a vast array of stickers to play with and simple entertaining text, youngsters can create their own book to keep with this fantastic series. Over 200 colorful stickers. Age 5+     PB, 12pp+8pp stickers, 8.5x11

Importance of Early Learning Sticker Books


If you asked your eight-year-old whether they like studying or not, the most probable answer will be a straight no. Since the conventional idea is that kids hate traditional studying and the processes involved, making their books and texts interesting is the only way to go. Now imagine a textbook designed specifically for kids of a particular age group that is filled with fun activities like coloring and comes loaded with stickers. Still, think your kid will be able to stay away from it? No, right? Kids love colors and stickers have always been one of their favorite items. The best early learning sticker books are filled with fun yet informative stickers that make them pretty important for your child’s education and here’s why.


  • Easy Source of Knowledge: The main idea of early learning books is to kick start your child’s academic development from a young age. Sticker booms come with stickers that are often labeled so that your child learns and grows while doing something as enjoyable as collecting stickers. Thus they are an easy yet effective source of knowledge for your toddler


  • Enhancement of Senses: The Benefits of sticker books are not just limited to education and knowledge. There are several other aspects of your kid’s development that they often need help with. Sticker books can be an excellent way of helping them develop their sensory skills. Scratch and sniff stickers familiarize them with the different smells around them while matching stickers train them from a visual angle. Sticker books can help your kid explore the different senses and have a better understanding of how they work.


  • Improved Spatial Awareness: What makes children’s colorful board books so popular among parents and guardians is that they do not restrict education to simple academic learning. These books help in multiple different ways in the overall growth of your child. One of the most crucial things that these books teach your kids is the idea of special awareness. Every action of your daily life requires some sort of spatial understanding. Even a task as simple as writing a couple of sentences requires you to determine where to end a word and start the next. When your child takes out a sticker and positions them neatly in between two other stickers, they already get the hand of placing and arranging objects. From sloppy handwriting to coloring within the outline- you could teach your kids all these and so much more through early learning sticker books. 

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