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Sneezy Bear [Board book] Bear is hungry but can't stop sneezing. Age 0-3

Sneezy Bear [Board book] Bear is hungry but can't stop sneezing. Age 0-3

SKU: 9781908702265


Sneezy Bear (Board edition))

Neil Griffiths, illustrated by Janet Louden

You may well be ‘blown away’ by this charming story of a hungry bear with a bout of uncontrollable sneezing. Will bear be able to overcome his irritation or will it aid him in his quest for food? Be prepared for an earth shattering tale with an explosive ending! It's really a cute cuddly story for all bear lovers with a simple storyline and child friendly language.


'Sneezy Bear' is a lovely simple story that I am sure that most small children will enjoy. My daughter loved the fact that every time the bear thought that he was about to enjoy a meal, he sneezed instead, causing all sorts of mayhem.


Of course, you do not appreciate the full extent of the story from the words alone as it is the very funny illustrations that really tell the tale of what is happening. From these you can see the explosive damage each time Bear sneezes as well as sympathising with his upset looks every time he misses out on a tasty meal. All of the pictures are very bright and attractive and have little details worth looking out for such as the ladybird who appears on every page and could well be the cause of Bear's problems. 

The text is quite interesting too. The print is big and bold with not too many words on any page. Some words that need to be emphasised are bigger and every time that Bear sneezes, the word 'Atishoo' appears in very big letters almost dancing and jumping over the page. There is also some repetition in the text which will help younger children join in with some of the story telling. The author, Neil Griffiths, uses some very tempting words too, particularly when Bear is looking forward to the various meals, describing them as 'yummy', 'scrummy' and 'stickerly delicious'. 

'Sneezy Bear' is not a very long book but it is very enjoyable. It is a fun story accompanied by many amusing illustrations. It is a book that should be shared and one that both children and parents can enjoy.

4/5 Stars - 

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