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Shaun the Shy Shark - So shy, that sight of a jellyfish made him wobble. Age 3+

Shaun the Shy Shark - So shy, that sight of a jellyfish made him wobble. Age 3+

SKU: 9781905434206

Shaun the Shy Shark

Neil Griffiths, illustrated by Peggy Collins

You don’t have to conform! A dazzling tale from the depths of ‘following a dream’ and ‘being different’... It’s a well-known fact that sharks should be terrifying as they patrol the murky seas. Shaun, however, was so shy that the sight of a jellyfish made him wobble, and even a shrimp was known to scare him. But it was his secret wish that eventually sent Shaun to a new world in a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea. A dazzling tale from the depths, of ‘following a dream’, and ‘being different’.

Issues/Topic areas: Self-esteem, bullying

Pages: 24, Format: Paperback, Size: 9x10 ins



"Like all Neil's stories, this is perfect for reading aloud and for sharing with a group. This would make an excellent assembly story on the theme of it is no bad thing to be different. Shaun does not live up to the expectation that sharks should be terrifying, so the other sharks shun his company. But Shaun swims off to the bottom of the sea, where he finds the perfect home. Much to his surprise, he makes lots of friends and loses some of his shyness. Beautiful seascape illustrations by Peggy Collins are packed with fascinating detail. 
- uk 

"This book is fun and has a brilliant story which all would enjoy. It covers the situation of being bullied sensitively, shows shyness and being different in a positive way and ends on a positive note with Shaun being happy to be himself."

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