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Ringo the Flamingo. A colorful picture story book where story matters.. Age 3+

Ringo the Flamingo. A colorful picture story book where story matters.. Age 3+

SKU: 9781905434060

Ringo the Flamingo

Neil Griffiths, illustrated by Judith Blake 

Ringo was unlike other flamingoes, but he still made a valuable contribution to the flock. Ringo was not like other flamingos, as his legs just didn’t work. Even though he could not do many of the things the other flamingos could, he was still able to make a valuable contribution to the flock. Find out how his bravery was rewarded in this sensitively-told story. This story presents opportunities to discuss disability awareness and help tackle issues of self-esteem and outward appearance.and this new edition with new cover, has a Flamingo Facts section!



"This is a beautifully written story which challenges our preconceptions about disability. Ringo's legs didn't work but the flock always took care of him and he always remained happy. One day, a fire swept across the lakeside and all the rest of the flamingoes flew off to safety, leaving Ringo behind. But not only Ringo was left behind - and he was the only one who could rescue the chick. A wonderful story of bravery with a touching ending showing how Ringo has a position of real value in the flock. The shiny pages and stunning illustrations make this a book to treasure - wonderfully produced. An excellent introduction to disability awareness and a thought-provoking story to share with all children and an example to us all."
- uk 

"This is a lovely warm story is well told and covers disability from many aspects, from the physical to the many different emotions felt and encountered. It also covers how even though Ringo was loved and 
protected by his flock, he still needed to find his own role and way in the world, which he does through the rescue and love for the chicks."


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