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Itchy Bear ,  Age 3-5

Itchy Bear , Age 3-5

SKU: 9781905434114

Itchy Bear

Neil Griffiths, illustrated by Judith Blake

Bear’s got an itch and it’s no ordinary itch! Surprises await him as he searches for somewhere to scratch. Poor bear had an itch and nowhere to scratch it. In his search to find somewhere to scratch, several surprises await him!  A scratchingly good story that will tickle the imagination of children and adults alike!

Issues/Topic areas: Curiosity, body parts, bears



"Itchy Bear 
You really feel for poor Itchy Bear in this story - he is woke up from a lovely sleep by itching and desperately searches for somewhere to scratch. But every time he finds the perfect spot, he upsets another creature. 'Oh dear', 'Oh dear, oh dear' ... what is he to do? Finally, he seems to have found the perfect spot...but has he? Judith Blake's bright illustrations convey the story beautifully. Hidden in the pictures are lots of little creatures - see how many your child can spot as you share this story, and increase your child's vocabulary and understanding of location - behind. on, under ... This story also comes with an edition with  CD to further extend enjoyment."

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