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Florence Was No Ordinary Fairy (Book & Audio CD) Age 3+

Florence Was No Ordinary Fairy (Book & Audio CD) Age 3+

SKU: 9781905434954


Neil Griffiths, illustrated by Doug Nash

Florence hated almost everything fairy-like, with the exception of fairy cakes, which she adored! Florence was a fairy who hated doing anything fairy-like. She wouldn’t leave 50 pence under pillows if you lost a tooth, was allergic to fairy dust and positively refused to sit on top of a Christmas tree! But she did have one weakness – fairy cakes; she adored them! And that was her downfall in more ways than one.   Read how this fairy with attitude overcomes her fears and gains new-found confidence!



"Neil's books are perfect for young children, with their child-friendly repetitive language. Many of them tackle sensitive issues in a caring and thoughtful way and this is no exception. Florence was not like other fairies. She didn't like anything fairylike... except fairy cakes, and we all know what eating too many fairy cakes does! So the Queen sends her to a fairy fitness farm. The story helps children understand, in a fun way, the value of a healthy lifestyle and the fact that outward appearances are not important. Enjoy the fun cartoons while sharing this book."`

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