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Horse and Pony Stories, and other books

This page presents classic stories by the world's best-known horse-storytellers! The Pullein-Thompson sisters Josephine, Christine and Diana are among the most loved equestrian writers of all time. They first began writing horse and pony stories together in their teens, and between them went on to produce over a hundred books. 

Parkwest recommends to all children's organizations' bookstores.


(Series of six paperbacks) - Running wild in the Virginia mountains, Phantom the palomino horse is tamed by Jean and Angus and taken to England. Christine Pullein-Thompson's much-loved series features their exciting adventures.

Age 8+.       PB, 176pp, 4.84 x 7.32

The PULLEIN-THOMPSON TREASURY OF HORSE & PONY STORIES is a bumper collection of 38 stories by the world's best-known horse story-tellers. Packed with exciting adventures on horseback, and illustrated throughout. Age 8+           PB, 480pp, 5.75 x 8.25, 

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