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100 facts DOGS & PUPPIES

By Fiona Macdonald
ISBN 9781782093572
Miles Kelly
Full color throughout
-48 Pages
9 X 11.75


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100 Facts Dogs and Puppies is bursting with fascinating images, fun activities and exactly 100 amazing facts for kids aged 7+ years. Children will learn everything they need to know about man's best friend. + Simple activities to help your child put ideas into practice. + Covers breeds, caring for dogs and a dog's anatomy. + Numbered facts allow you and your child to track their progress through the book. 100 Facts Dogs and Puppies contains key topics about the canine world in exciting numbered facts. Each fact is accompanied by beautiful illustrations and photographs, which add visual meaning to the information for kids. A great dog book for kids aged 7+ to learn more about the history of their family pet. Topics covered in 100 Facts Dogs and Puppies: + Ancient dogs and modern descendants + Distinct features of different breeds and their superior senses + Dogs as pets and dogs who work 'I don't believe it' fascinating facts: + 900 years ago the King of Norway handed his throne to a dog! The royal pet ruled for three years and signed important papers with a paw print! + In 1960 two Russian dogs Strelka and Belka became famous as the first dogs to go into space and return safely to Earth. The courageous canines travelled around the planet 18 times before landing! + When pedigree dogs mate there is an increased chance that the puppies will have problems such as deafness. Activities to make learning accessible and interactive: + Quiz time: Decide whether these animal descendants are predators or prey + Play dog 'musical bumps' in a group when the music stops, the leader must shout a command (Sit, Stay, Come or Lie down). Everyone must follow the command correctly and the last person to do so is out of the game! + What's my breed? Have fun working out some dog breed anagrams